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Preparing Your Resume for a Healthcare Career


Preparing Your Resume for a Healthcare CareerWhen applying for healthcare-related jobs, you’ll want a professional-looking, well-written resume that highlights your skills and that is tailored to the healthcare career you have chosen. First, review general resume advice and draft your resume accordingly. By following tips to craft your job search resume, you can put together an application that will stand out.

Choose a Resume Format

If you haven’t previously worked in healthcare or if you’re trying to change roles, consider using a functional or combination resume. That way, you can put the emphasis on your transferable skills. If most of your career to date has been in healthcare, stick with a chronological resume. This will show your time in the healthcare industry and highlight your progression.

Highlight the Most Relevant Details

Pick out the accomplishments that are most relevant to the potential employer. Instead of including a laundry list of all the responsibilities you’ve had, focus on the key problems you solved and the results you delivered. For example, if the company where you worked had an issue with quality control, and you were able to implement a solution, you might write something like this: “Reduced errors in diagnostic results by two percent by developing quality control procedures and improving staff training.” Wherever possible, use numbers—doing so shows that you’re results-oriented.

Include Keywords

The healthcare industry is broad, and workers in this field often have a wide variety of skills. Think about what skills potential employers are looking for. For ideas, spend some time reading job ads. Include a list of the technical skills you have, and try to include some of the following terms:

  • Communication
  • Dentistry
  • Diagnostics
  • Health and wellness
  • High tech
  • Licensed
  • Management
  • Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Pain management
  • Patient care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Planning
  • Quality control
  • Recreation
  • Team work
  • Technology
  • Therapy
  • Treatment

Get an Edge

Review health care job postings for the positions you’d like to have, so that you know what employers want. Use social networking sites to make connections with people who can provide leads and references. And consider building an online brand, so that you can influence employers who look you up on the web. By going beyond what usual job seekers do, you can capture an employer’s attention.

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