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What You Should Do to Guarantee Your Career Success in 2020

What You Should Do to Guarantee Your Career Success in 2020

This has been a rollercoaster of a year, and you may wonder if it’s better to curl up in bed and Netflix the rest of the year away – or continue to work towards career success. Lucky for you, this year isn’t a complete wash! There are quite a few ways for you to keep your career success on track, even in the chaotic year that is 2020.

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Stay Relevant on Media Platforms

The professional world is moving more and more towards digital and social media platforms, so it is imperative that you are up to date and looking fresh online. Make sure your LinkedIn account is up to date and has a professional profile photo.

According to LinkedIn, users with a profile photo have 21 times more views and requests than users without one. Embracing the digital age will do wonders for your resume, career opportunities, and connections.


Resume Etiquette

Handing in an outdated resume is like giving a new friend your old number… it’s just not going to work out. It says a lot to a recruiter if you haven’t put in the basic effort to put in accurate and relevant information.

Make sure you’ve done some research and can address the recruiter or hiring manager by name when you submit your resume. According to, 84% of hiring managers are likely to reject an impersonal resume submission.

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Soft Skills

Though often overlooked in the past, in favour of GPA scores and technical ability, soft skills are now trending. Recruiters want to know if you’ve got self-direction, motivation, leadership or teamwork skills, and whether you can make a good first impression. Look at Careerbuilder’s explanation on why soft skills are so important. Then check in with some friends and colleagues to find out your strengths and include them on your resume.

When you’re applying for a new position, consider which skills will benefit the position the most, and find out if you need to improve any soft skills. Walk into the interview confident that you’ve got what it takes to exceed their expectations.

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Learn Pandemic-Friendly Platforms

It will be very important moving forward for you to be familiar with remote-work applications such as Zoom for video conferences or Asana for remote team projects. It will be important for employers and employees to adapt to shifting working conditions and locations.

Some of these platforms are usable even when life is nice and normal, and many companies may continue to use them regularly. Familiarizing yourself with these will be helpful, whether we’re in the middle of a pandemic or not.

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Be On The Lookout

Last, but far from least, guaranteeing your career success requires constant vigilance. Always be watching for new opportunities and new relationships. Whether in your current workplace or looking elsewhere, professional contacts can make or break a career. Consider taking on side projects or creating proposals for a new position.

Staying committed to your own career success should be the number one priority. Don’t lose hope, continue to work hard, and your success will be right around the corner.

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