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These Jobs Will Be in Demand in 2020 in Canada

These jobs will be in demand in 2020 in Canada

2020 has been a difficult year for job search as markets around the world crumbled due to the COVID-19 crisis. As industries begin to regain their footing in Canada, trends are emerging that point to the jobs of the future. Here are the job markets that will see the highest demand in Canada in 2020.

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List of High-Demand Jobs in Canada 2020

Jobs in Labour

According to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum’s National Labour Market Information Report,  around 67,000 new job openings for journeypersons in the trades will be required to sustain the workforce through 2023, with BC, Alberta, and Ontario driving this growth of this job market [1].

1. Welders

Though the work can be dangerous, welders are essential to the construction industry. In fact, welders continued to operate throughout the pandemic. The job doesn’t require a post-secondary education, and pays at least $28.50 per hour. Due to their importance relatively high wage, welders are considered one of Canada’s most in-demand jobs.

2. Drivers

As some of the only exceptions to pandemic-related border closures in Canada and the US, long haul drivers continue to be an essential role in the economy, ranking #2 on Randstad Canada’s list of most in-demand jobs for 2020. With the proper driver’s license, employment in this field should be easy to come by, earning between $36,650 to $48,600 annually.

3. Heavy Duty Mechanics

One of the more highly skilled jobs in this industry, heavy duty mechanics work to repair and maintain large machinery. With a hand in nearly every major industry from construction and transportation to forestry and mining, this job made Canada’s top 15 in-demand careers according to the National Occupation Classification. Work in this career is lucrative, paying $25-$42 per hour in urban centres and upwards of $50/hour in more rural locations.

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Jobs in Healthcare

With society new fixation on health and hygiene, it’s no surprise that jobs in healthcare ranked highly on surveys of in-demand jobs in Canada. Add in an ageing Canadian population and it is clear why jobs in this field are a safe bet for job searchers.

1. Registered Nurse

In case you missed the daily 7:00pm cheers throughout the early days of lockdown, nurses are one of the most hardworking and dedicated people in the healthcare industry. With an average salary of $76,362 and a predicted 139,700 job openings by 2024, nurses are at the top of the list when it comes to jobs we need to fill.

2. Occupational Therapist

Expected labour shortages in this field mean a positive outlook for occupational therapist. These healthcare professionals can work in places like hospitals, in physical rehabilitation clinics, or in social assistance. From 2019 to 2028, 11,800 of these new jobs are expected to become available.

Jobs in Business

The COVID pandemic affected many businesses, but jobs in the field haven’t disappeared entirely. In the uphill battle to regain economic stability, jobs in business-related fields are at the forefront.

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1. Accountant

Accountants monitor and keep track of a company’s financial operations by preparing financial statements and calculating taxes owed. As governments implement new laws for the financial sector, accountants will be essential in helping businesses comply with these new regulations. With a difficult individual tax season ahead due to the CERB program, Canadian accountants will find plenty of work come tax season. The average salary currently sits at $57,000 per year.

2. Business Development Manager

As businesses rebound from the impact of the pandemic, these jobs will take on the crucial role of determining a business’ priorities, planning and executing strategies for success. This job supports the growth and profitability of a company by developing and maintaining business relationships for an average yearly salary of $85,000.


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