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Top 10 Jobs in Tech for the Future

Top 10 Jobs in Tech for the Future

As Canada begins to make a name for itself as a hub of innovation and technology, industries across the board will have to adapt to the shift towards a tech-focused economy. The future of jobs in the tech market will demand new skills for all job seekers. One example is data literacy, which will be important for interpreting the massive volume of data in our society.

For those with the most sought-after skills, however, the job search is full of opportunity. Government programs aimed at luring in top tech talent from around the world have already brought in 24,000 workers over the last two years.

These are the top 10 tech jobs on the cutting edge of a fast-changing Canadian job market.

10 Tech Jobs for the Future

1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

When people think of innovative technology in 2020, they think of Artificial Intelligence. With a highly developed skillset that can be used in a wide range of industries, this job has seen an 85% increase in hiring since 2015 with more growth on the horizon.

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2. IT Project Manager

Project management has been an industry on the rise for years, and the demand for those with certifications in Agile, PMP, or PMI is even greater. Boasting a yearly salary of over $110,000 on the high end, these leaders are responsible for overseeing IT projects from start to finish.

3. Data Engineer

Data may be the most important resource of the 21st century. Jobs in this field build the infrastructure that compiles and analyzes this endless flow of information. Hiring has grown by 50% in the last five years.

4. Quality Assurance Analyst

One of the most in demand tech jobs takes on the important role of risk mitigation, analyzing and testing software for malfunctions and evaluating it from the perspective of users before it’s released to the masses. This detail-oriented job can pay up to $84,000 annually.

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5. Cybersecurity Specialist

With the growing importance of data comes an increased focus on keeping it secure. Data breaches in Canada have affected 19 million people since late 2018 and they have become increasingly costly for businesses and consumers to deal with. These professionals will lead the initiatives to keep sensitive data safe from prying eyes.

6. Technical Support Specialists

Are you a problem-solver with excellent communication skills? As technology grows more ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives, customer service professionals will be needed to assist and support companies and consumers with technical problems. This job will be in high demand for 2020 and beyond.

7. Robotics Engineer

In the robotics industry, the forecast is consistent growth. Hiring is up 40% over five years and companies like UiPath that offer robotics solutions are now valued at over $7billion, making CEO and cofounder Daniel Dines “the first bot billionaire”.

8. Network Administrator

These behind the scenes experts ensure a company’s servers are operating with speed and efficiency for the hundreds of users who need them to their jobs. With technology so deeply integrated into every workplace, the need for experienced administrators is larger than ever, offering salaries of over $70,000.

9. Customer Success Specialist

Using a mix of technical knowledge and communication skills, this job needs to understand the technology being sold and manage relationships with clients that adopt it. Last year alone, hiring for this position grew by 35%.

10. Experience Designer

Understanding users’ needs and delivering them in a slick digital package is what these experts do. With more and more of our interactions with businesses and with each other happening in digital spaces, the need to optimize user experiences continues to rise and employment in this field continues to grow in 2020.


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