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Returning to work when you’re entry level at 40


Returning to work after years away from the workforce poses special challenges. You may fear that employers will see negatives in your lack of work history. But many employers will embrace the idea of hiring an enthusiastic person who’s returning to work. Here’s what you can do to make the process easier.

Tips for returning to work

  • Explain the gap in your employment history. For example, were you raising family, caring for ill relatives or working on language or training issues?
  • Outline transferable skills from past experiences. Explain the skills you demonstrated. Try using a functional resume to emphasize your skills.
  • In interviews and cover letters, refer to your personal maturity as strength.
  • If it is true, talk about your search for a stable, predictable position. Not everyone can be driven by ambition. Are you the employee who will be dependable, trustworthy and able to deliver without wanting the boss’s office next year?
  • Understand your value proposition. It’s easier to sell yourself to an employer if you know how to pitch yourself.
  • Master interview basics, so that you can move confidently through the interview process.
  • Consider taking a course. That way, you can position yourself as an “entry-level CAD designer” or “entry-level marketing assistant”.
  • Demonstrate self confidence. This can dispel any preconceived ideas a personal employer might have.

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