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Internal Hiring: Promoting from Within to Fill a Job Vacancy


Internal Hiring: Promoting from Within to Fill a Job Vacancy
Internal hiring is rarely used when it’s time to fill a job vacancy; most companies simply don’t think to promote from within. They advertise the opening in traditional and online media, hire recruiters to search for candidates and sift through resumes as they pour in. But external recruitment doesn’t have to be the only feature of your company’s staffing strategy. Often, the best candidate for a job is just one cubicle away.

Promoting from within is a pragmatic, proven approach to staffing. When used in conjunction with a solid program of outside hiring, it ensures that your company retains the talent it needs to succeed.

Advantages of Hiring Internally

Looking internally for a candidate has numerous advantages for both your company and your employees. First, it increases staff effectiveness. Workers will be more motivated to do their best if they feel you recognize talent and reward effort while providing ways for them to gain new skills and experience.

Just as importantly for your firm, hiring internally increases and retention. Staff are more likely to remain on board if they see that you provide opportunities for career advancement. And with long-term employees, you will realize a greater return on the time and resources you’ve invested in their professional development.

Filling jobs from within your organization fosters a deep sense of loyalty and stability among your staff. This, in turn, encourages employees to take ownership of their work and feel integral to the team. All of this translates to enhanced morale and productivity.

Internal promotions are also efficient. Instead of sorting through stacks of resumes, you can read one or two employee reviews that judge candidates based on your firm’s unique structure and priorities, saving time and money. Rather than trying to gauge the accuracy of applicants’ statements during interviews, you can simply check a worker’s track record of accomplishments. Finally, you don’t have to worry about the reliability of references – just talk to the employee’s current managers.

Internal hiring shortens the adjustment period. An existing employee needs no time to adapt to the corporate culture. The company’s practices and procedures are familiar, eliminating the need for an overall orientation.

Internal Hiring Guidelines

To set up a successful internal hiring program, you need to follow a few basic guidelines to ensure that all qualified employees understand the process and have an equal chance at available positions.

The first step is to develop an effective method for spreading the word about openings. If your company has a corporate intranet, that might be the most efficient means of communication. Otherwise, you can post notices on bulletin boards in break rooms or publish them in the employee newsletter. The key is to make sure that everyone knows where and how to find the information.

Next, write up internal job notices the same way you prepare those for external postings. Be sure to include all pertinent information: a brief description of the position along with the desired level of seniority, special skills, degrees and any other requirements. If candidates don’t necessarily need a degree or professional certification, be sure to note this in the job description.

Finally, establish a procedure for applying to open positions. In some companies, employees must obtain an application from a designated HR representative. At others, the process is less formal, and interested parties can simply notify their department directors or supervisors. The important thing is to set up a process that works for your firm and gives all employees the same access to the application process.

Like the traveler who covered the globe searching for true happiness only to find it in his own backyard, looking inside your organization for the talent you need is sometimes the best recruitment strategy. By using these tips, you can make promoting from within an effective component of your firm’s approach to staffing and retention.

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