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8 Best Personal Assessment Tests – Career Planning

8 Best Personal Assessment Tests - Career Planning

When it comes to planning your career, you need more than knowledge of the job market to succeed. Scouring the internet for jobs in Vancouver might help you find an opportunity in your area. However, unless you know yourself well, your job search may not be too effective. Optimize your ability to land positions that lead to real career fulfilment by learning more about your strengths.

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Personal Assessment Tests for Career Planning

Self-assessment tests are great for career planning. These tools can help you identify your work-related values, your personality type, and your natural aptitudes. It can bring clarity to your job search and help you find occupations that are suitable for you. This can be a great way to narrow down your job search and save tremendous amounts of time.

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Of course, there won’t be one single magic bullet test that shows you the proper career path to take. A combination of different self-assessments will give you a more thorough picture of who you are and what you excel at. Here are 8 personal assessment tests you can try today.

1. CareerFitter

This comprehensive test builds a complete career profile for you. It looks at jobs that fit your interests and aptitudes, but also your work personality and preferred management style. Their website offers a free 60-question test that identifies your strengths, income potential, and optimal work environments. However, you’ll have to subscribe to the premium version to view suitable careers based on your test results.

2. DiSC Profile

By measuring your Dominance, Independence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, this test shows you how you respond to conflicts and approach problem solving, what motivates you to succeed, and what stresses you out. This understanding of your own and others’ personalities and priorities can help you develop better sales strategies or manage people more effectively.

3. MAPP Test

Boasting over 8 million users worldwide, the MAPP test (which stands for Motivational, Appraisal, or Personal Potential) takes less than half an hour to complete and is a great option for students or anyone unsure about what career path to take. The 71-question test asks you to rank statements on an agree-disagree scale. The free version will give you five recommended career paths, but you’ll have to pay for the premium test to access the full 30-page assessment and ranked list of 900 matching careers.

4. Hogan Assessment Suite

This trio of tests includes the Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory (MVPI); the Hogan Personality Index (HPI), and the Hogan Development Survey (HDS). The Hogan tests gain credibility from their basis in empirical data as they explore your interpersonal skills and elicit key behavioural tendencies like how you take criticism and feedback, how well you collaborate with groups, and your capacity to lead a team.

5. Workplace Big 5

This test is based on the five-factor model of personalities, a highly respected model used by psychologists and searchers. It ranks you on five super traits and 23 subtraits that will reveal how well you approach responsibility, express yourself, empathize with others, respond to adversity, and how open you are to outside ideas. As a career planning tool, the Workplace Big 5 helps you determine the right direction to take based on your detailed personal profile.

6. Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Are you an Architect or an Inventor? Maybe a Champion or a Fieldmarshal? These personality types may sound like a fantasy role playing game, but Keirsey’s set of 71 behavioural questions offers great insight into how you communicate and lead in the workplace, helping you make adjustments (and improvements) to your career path.

7. myIDP

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) doesn’t just tell you what career path suits you, it lays out a comprehensive development plan for achieving those goals and guiding you to success. This test is more focused on science and technology careers and can be used to help researchers and PhD candidates define and pursue career goals. You’ll have to sign up to take the test, but it is free to try.

8. Emergenetics

This test provides you with a clear but thorough insight into how you naturally approach tasks and how people you interact with perceive you. It may be useful for identifying exactly what you bring to the table in teamwork and how to sell that in an interview.


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