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Why Communication Skills Are Necessary For Success

Why Communication Skills Are Necessary For Success

Communication skills are the key to success. It’s more than just being able to speak with clients and colleagues. It’s about being able to present your ideas to your team, give constructive feedback, and listen as much as you speak. Communication is a two-way street and involves giving and receiving information. Excelling at communication can help drive your career development by showing your management and potential employers your potential.

Do I Have Communications Skills?

Everyone has at least a basic level of communication skills, and they’re more than your ability to stand in front of a group and give a presentation. Your communication skills allow you to express your thoughts clearly, while also understanding the information being provided to you by a colleague or client.

Some of the essential communications skills include:

  • Adapting your behaviour and communication depending on the situation, such as limiting industry language for those who aren’t familiar with your work.
  • Giving constructive feedback to colleagues and clients that weighs up every aspect of the work.
  • Building relationships by being friendly towards your colleagues and clients, including being respectful towards them and showing empathy.

Why Are Communication Skills Important?

If you want to have career development, you need to have a firm set of communication skills. The National Association of Colleges and Employers released research in 2016 that showed that employers rated verbal communication skills the highest essential skill. It came above both teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Communication skills determine your success in the workplace as they’re key to your performance, your efficiency, and how you engage with key stakeholders. Your communication skills are the first thing a potential employer will test you on. It’s why you receive an invitation for an interview instead of employers hiring solely by what is on your CV.

You want to show a potential employer that you have a powerful set of communication skills by speaking informatively and maintaining eye contact with the person you’re engaging with. You should also be able to show that you’re listening and engaging with what they’re saying to you.

How To Boost Your Communication Skills

Not everyone is a natural-born communicator, and there are areas where we could all improve. Communication is essential for success in any project, and 28% of employees give poor communication as the reason for their work not being delivered on time. For a business with 100 employees, a lack of communication can cost them $420,000 a year.

Here are a few active ways you can improve your communication skills:

  • Attend networking events to become more familiar with meeting new people in your industry and speaking about your work.
  • Practice giving presentations or public speaking by attending workshops or reaching out to a mentor to improve your confidence.
  • Start taking notes during meetings or presentations to keep yourself engaged with the content and to show you’re focusing on the topic. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or give constructive feedback throughout the session.
  • Make a conscious effort to maintain eye contact while speaking and opening your body language to appear more friendly.

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