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How to Find a Fulfilling Career in 5 Simple Steps

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We might wish that finding a fulfilling career would be as simple as a fairy godmother popping out of thin air, waving a wand and bippity boppitty boo, you’ve got the perfect job! But in reality, it involves a little more work and some career-oriented soul-searching.

Finding jobs in Vancouver or BC can daunt, let alone finding a career that you find meaningful and fulfilling. Lucky for you we’ve put together 5 simple steps for you to find a fulfilling career. We will cover:

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  • What defines a fulfilling career?
  • Career assessment
  • Changing careers
  • The role of caring for others and art in career fulfilment
  • Networking for a new position

Read on to break down these steps for finding a fulfilling career.

1. Know the Recipe for a Fullfilling Career

Though you may think a fulfilling career resides in a high salary, a study found that employees want an interesting career more than a well paid one, and have higher job satisfaction with a mentally engaging career.. When searching for a fulfilling career, make sure you find a job that will challenge you and keep you engaged.

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2. Use Career Match Resources

If you need some help brainstorming a career that will engage you, there are some great resources for career matching. The Canadian job bank has career planning assessments that can help get you started matching your skills and interests with a potential career! These aren’t tools that tell you exactly what you should do, they are simply a helpful way to begin looking at what you have to offer the world. BC jobs are ripe for the picking, so use all the resources you can to narrow your fields of interest.

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3. Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Leap

Trying something new can be frightening. But CBC cited a survey by Indeed Canada, showing that 87% of those who made a career change were happier for it. If you are hoping for a career that is more fulfilling than your current trajectory, muster up some courage and start taking your happiness seriously.

4. Caring for Others is Caring for Yourself

The General Social Surveys of America reported that the highest career satisfaction was among careers that involved altruism or the arts. Occupations such as clergy, firefighting, physical therapy, and artists were among the highest to report job satisfaction, with an average of 78% reporting job satisfaction. If you’re looking for fulfillment in your job, consider how your skills relate to helping others or the arts. That may be the career spark you’re looking for.

5. Network, Network, Network

Jumping back into the job market is important when looking for a fulfilling career. We don’t recommend jumping in with no direction. Keeping up networking may feel exhausting, but it is essential to forming long lasting professional relationships, or meeting mentors in your dream career. According to Review 42, 85% of jobs are filled through networking. The end to your job search may just be a handshake away.

Whether you’re looking for BC jobs, or are searching elsewhere in the world, as you begin your job search we hope these simple steps help you on the way!


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