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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs With a High School Diploma

Top 10 highest paying jobs with a High School Diploma

Did you know that there are multiple rewarding and good paying job opportunities for people with a high school diploma? In addition, many of these jobs train candidates while on the job and do not need any special skill sets or additional college education. If you are on the hunt for a career choice that requires nothing more than your high school diploma, we have good news for you.

We have curated a list of 10 highest paying jobs that you can comfortably achieve with a high school diploma.

Highest Paying Jobs Without a University Degree

1. Dispensing optician

The primary duties of a dispensing optician include working in an optometry office and taking care of administrative tasks. These tasks can include scheduling appointments for customers and answering their calls/questions.

Average salary: $15.49 per hour

To get this job, you need to finish the on-job training and some states might require you to have a license.

2. Community health care worker

These health care workers are responsible for educating the public on subjects pertaining to health and self care. They usually work in collaboration with the office of a social worker in order to provide healthcare information to people who are in need of medical counseling.

Average salary: $15.90 per hour

While most states have no prerequisites, some states might mandate completion of the standard training course.

3. Pharmacy technician

Pharmacy technicians primarily work in the pharmacies and are responsible for dispensing prescription drugs, medicines and other products to customers. Some of the commonly known work environments include drugstores, hospitals, grocery stores and clinics.

Average salary: $16.03 per hour

Most of the states require pharmacy technicians to be certified and mandate one complete year of accredited training.

4. Gaming manager

One of the highest paying jobs, people working in this role, supervise dealers, game tables and customers at casinos. They take care of both employees and clients and see that everybody follows the rules of the establishment they are in.

Average salary: $35.60 per year

Most casinos offer entry level jobs to high school diploma graduates without any training.

5. Mail carrier

As is obvious from the name, mail carriers’ duties include collection and delivery of letters/packages to and from the local residences and businesses. They may choose to accomplish this by driving trucks, cars or even walking. They are basically government employees who typically work for the U.S postal service.

Average salary: $17.26 per hour

To be a mail carrier, the primary requirement for a candidate is to be a citizen of the USA and to have a clean driving history besides having to pass the postal exam.

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6. Power plant operator

They monitor, operate and maintain the machinery/equipment of an energy production facility. Based on their employer, they tend to handle nuclear reactors, electric generators etc.

Average salary: $18.14 per hour

Most of the employers prefer candidates who have had a prior experience of working with heavy machinery.

7. Audiovisual technician

These people are responsible for operating and maintaining the equipment used in shows which include audio and visual elements. They are required to set up this equipment and also pack it at the end of the event.

Average salary: $18.36 per hour.

8. Ironworker

The next in the list of highest paying jobs, ironworkers’ contributions lie in creating and installing iron building materials like beams, sheet metals and girders.

Average salary: $20.34 per hour

Most employers prefer to choose experienced candidates that are strong and healthy enough to use power tools.

9. Equipment operator

These people operate and drive heavy machinery. Hired by construction companies and warehouse operators, they may operate a variety of equipment from bulldozers to excavators.

Average salary: $20.36 per hour

10. Firefighters

Firefighters are required to respond to emergency calls with respect to fire. They need to put out fires and rescue trapped individuals from burning buildings.

Average salary: $44.80 per hour

Firefighters are mandated to attend firefighting academies wherein they are trained how to put out fires, rescue people and give first aids.

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