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Labour Market Partnerships for Employers


Labour Market Partnerships for EmployersLabour Market Partnerships is an employment program that provides financial assistance to organizations to encourage, support and facilitate labour force adjustments and human resource planning activities which are in the public interest.

Program Objective
Labour Market Partnerships funds projects that encourage and support employers, employee and/or employer associations and communities in developing and implementing strategies for dealing with labour force adjustments and meeting human resource requirements.

Eligibility Information
Who can apply?
Businesses, organizations, municipalities, band/tribal councils, public health and educational institutions; and, provincial/territorial governments are eligible to receive funding as sponsors.

  • Proposed activities must focus on an identified labour market issue and be assessed as likely to have a positive impact on the labour market. All activities must involve partnership. Within these parameters, Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) may support activities related to human resource planning and labour force adjustment.
  • Activities funded under Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) may include related research, development of human resource strategies, promotion of beneficial human resource and adjustment practices (best practices), coordination of community-based approaches to addressing labour market issues, short-term adjustment services for workers facing lay-off, and development of economic (employment) development plans and community marketing plans.
  • Projects (activities) must have defined start and finish dates, and not be part of a sponsor’s day-to-day operations.
  • Other criteria may apply.

What are the financial benefits?
Funding may be provided to cover overhead costs such as wages and employment costs, research or technical studies, and other related costs and eligible expenses negotiated with program officials.

How do I apply?
Employers/Sponsors seeking funding under Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) should complete the application form “HSD5209 – Application for Funding Form” and submit it to their local Employment and Labout Market Services office.

How can I get more information?
You can get more information on Employment and Labour Market Services through Enquiry BC.

Enquiry BC is a provincial call centre that provides services to all British Columbia residents, on behalf of provincial government ministries, Crown corporations and public agencies.

Hours of Operation for Enquiry BC are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday through Friday.

Email Enquiry BC at [email protected].

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