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Important Things You Need To Include In Your Resume

Important Things You Need To Include In Your Resume

Let’s face it, writing a resume can be tricky, it’s a piece of paper solely for you to sell yourself to potential employers. That’s why you need to be as confident as you can when writing it up. But not everyone has the ability do this with ease. Many of us tend to undervalue ourselves and what we’ve accomplished. Some of us don’t cease this opportunity and sell ourselves well. That’s why it’s important to include not just what you’ve done in the past but endorse yourself and show off who you are as a person.

Not Just A List of Skills

When writing up your resume it can be easy to just write up a list of job descriptions and skills. While it is certainly important, having a list of skills is not going to help you stand out from other applicants. A resume full of job roles can make you appear one dimensional. On the other hand, if you list out your accomplishments and contributions, your resume suddenly becomes much more interesting. Therefore, when writing up job description, make sure to include what you accomplished in that role and give examples of the impacts you made and clients you met.

Include Your Passion Projects

It may appear unnecessary at first but mentioning any side hustles or passion projects will be beneficial to your resume. Doing so will help your potential employer understand you better. In the end, they may select you based on the cool projects you tackle in your spare time. Highlighting your ability to work with others across different fields can help you secure your dream job. No company wants to hire someone who doesn’t have a drive other than work. In today’s climate of start-ups and entrepreneurship, new employees are required to have a range of different skills. Expanding your skills by trying out new things and acquiring new passions will make you more desirable on the job market.

Freelance Work 

You may think that freelance positions you were involved in are not worth mentionable on your resume. However, being involved with and taking on freelance work shows that you are able to adapt your skills for different clients and therefore highlights your versatility. Employers like people who can multitask. Highlighting previous freelance experiences will make your potential employer see that you have ambition to work hard for multiple projects. Working as a freelancer, regardless the size of the project, will help expand your portfolio. If you can, namedrop some previous clients and partners as it will make the employer more intrigued.


Many businesses value charitable involvement and like to support initiatives that boost their brand. When you highlight your past volunteer work, you’re showing potential employers that you have the social responsibility to help others and are willing to spare your time with unpaid work.

Volunteering is also a great way of try out new roles like social media or content creation. It can even show your potential employer that you have a life outside of your job.

Final Resume Writing Tips

While it’s important to include these things remember that you should tailor each resume to whatever job you’re applying to. Here are some general resume writing tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not waste space on your resume.
  • Avoid listing things that are not relevant to the job you are applying to.
  • Include numbers and figures that quantify your impact.
  • Use active nouns rather than passive ones.
  • Edit your resume well and proofread it.
  • Show your personality as much as you can – you want a company that loves you for you

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