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5 Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

5 benefits of hiring remote workers

In the ever-changing job market, one undeniable trend has been the hiring of remote workers. Even before the CoVID-19 pandemic rocked the BC job market, remote work was on the rise. Remote work (or telework) skyrocketed during the pandemic. Prior to March 2020, BC only had a remote workforce of 7%. As of May 2020, BC jobs in remote positions increased to 30%.

The Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

Since the world will never be the same, it’s best to take advantage of the new opportunity that remote work offers. The splendid news is that remote work is not only useful and productive but is also a great way for your company to increase its profit margin. Here are 5 benefits of hiring remote workers!

1. Productivity Increase

Though you may not think working outside of an office environment would be productive, studies have found that it increases productivity and output. According to a survey by CoSo, 77% of remote workers reported greater productivity. Although some remote work environments may seem filled with distractions, there are some great resources like the Pomodoro Technique to help with focus and productivity!

2. Increased Profit Margin

According to a paper published by Harvard, Americans will take an 8% pay cut to have a remote job. Although this is not a direct reflection of Vancouver jobs or the BC job market, we are not that different from our neighbours to the South. Also, paying attention to companies like Cisco that save $277 million in productivity due to remote work opportunities, will benefit you and your business.

3. Technology Advancement

It is very important in this day and age to hire employees who are tech-savvy. Hiring employees who are comfortable working remotely will help ensure that your team is up to date with the technology that our world is quickly relying on.

4. Environmental Impact

It may seem like an odd consideration, but going green is increasingly important when considering jobs in Vancouver and BC. According to Statistics Canada, remote work in the job market has taken 600,000 vehicles off of roads every year. With increasing awareness and concern for caring for our planet, hiring remote workers is a great way to show a little love for the earth.

5. Workplace Commitment

Indeed for Employers found that for a surprising 50% of workers, telework decreased their sick leave and increased a healthy lifestyle. Having employees with a balanced lifestyle will keep your employees happy and committed to their jobs.

Whether you’re a BC employer looking to hire for new positions, or are in the middle of a job search yourself, consider remote positions. Increased profit, a green planet, and a healthy work-life balance… what’s not to love?


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