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Candidate Evaluation Forms


Candidate Evaluation Forms

Candidate Evaluation Forms provide recruiters within your company with a list of criteria and ratings for potential candidates. Interviewers can use it to record important information during the interview. The Candidate Evaluation Form ensures a level of fairness and accuracy when comparing candidates after the interviewing process. It also provides interviewers with a clear idea of what the company is looking for.  For example, if the candidates are applying for a position that requires great customer service and teamwork skills, it will include this criteria in the list of questions. Without a Candidate Evaluation Form, interviewers are left to make comparisons of candidates from their memory of the interviews, and undirected notes they have taken of the candidates, neither of which are reliable enough to determine who is the best candidate for the position available.

What Criteria is Included in the Candidate Evaluation Form

Candidate Evaluation Forms vary from organization to organization and from position to position. There are some qualities every company looks for in a candidate such as education, time management, communication skills, etc, and there are specific qualities companies look for, depending on the culture of the company and the position. When deriving a Candidate Evaluation Form, it is important to first look at the job description, come up with a list of qualities that fit the job description; it then becomes very clear what should be included.  It also helps to have a clear idea of the level of competency your company is looking for. The Candidate Evaluation Form should be customized for each company and each position to optimize its functions.

The following is a general list of evaluating criteria:

  • Education/Training
  • Work Experience (prior experience in the related fieled)
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • Customer Service
  • Overall Impression

*This is a general list of criteria; more could and should be added to the list according to the position being filled.

Using the Candidate Evaluation Form

In most cases Candidate Evaluation Forms are designed like surveys. For each criterion, you could choose to rank the quality from 1 to 5 (Exceptional, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Unsatisfactory), or design specifics such as excellent, meets requirement, does not meet requirement/training required, not applicable for position, etc. The Candidate Evaluation Form makes sure the interviewers acquire all the information they will need to find out about the candidates and that the candidates meet the overall qualification. Candidate Evaluation Forms also becomes very useful during times of performance evaluation and promotion. Recruitment is essential to the success of any company and a Candidate Evaluation Form is an important tool for HR management to ensure that the right candidates are selected for the position.

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