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Auto Responders for Human Resources


Auto responders for human resourcesMany organizations have stopped responding to job applicants, citing an ever increasing pool of applicants. But, just as the Internet has opened the doors to a wider pool of applicants, it has also ushered in an era of lower cost ways to respond to applicants. Human resources managers increasingly turn to auto responders for help.

By using an auto responder, you can acknowledge applicants and build your employer brand while skipping envelope stuffing and mailing costs. Auto responders offer an easy way to build your relationship with applicants – while keeping costs and time in check.

Whether you’re using your email program or an official “auto responder” service or application, keep your responses simple. In writing auto response letters, let the applicant know that you’ve received their application – and what to expect from the process.

Sample auto response letter

Dear <NAME>,

Thank for your applying for a position at <Name of Your Company>. We have received your application. It’s exciting to see so many candidates applying for a position here and we look forward to reviewing the applications <next week, in two weeks, etc,>. We will call successful applicants for an interview at that time.

Best wishes for success with the process! And thank you for your interest in a career with <Name of Your Company>.

Best regards,

<Your name>

<Your title>

<Your company>

Improving your auto response letter

However, if you’re in an area with a skill shortage, you may need to sell applicants on a position with your company or even in your location. It’s safe to assume they’ve read your website and even your annual report and media releases – there’s no need to drum home your corporate messages. Still, you can work at selling applicants on your employer brand. Try including more detailed information on the position, your city, your company culture – or even a testimonial from an employee in the same department.

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