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5 Signs It’s Time To Get a New Job

5 Signs It’s Time To Get a New Job

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at work, watching the clock crawl home time. Going to work feels like a chore, and you hit the ‘snooze’ button in the morning. While this can happen from time to time, it’s also a sign that it’s time to quit your job and have a change of scenery. Today we’re looking at the five signs that should tell you it’s time to look for a new job.

  1. You Don’t Feel Fulfilled

You should feel like you can take pride in your outcomes at work, whether it’s securing a new client or producing a piece of research. Whatever your job entails, you should feel you’re making a difference to someone else’s day. If you don’t believe in your company’s mission or find it lacking, you likely aren’t feeling fulfilled. A sense of fulfillment motivates you to go to work every day and overcome obstacles and barriers.

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  1. Your Skills Aren’t Being Utilized

Are you sitting at work filling in endless spreadsheets? Are your skills more communication and people based instead? If you feel like your skills are not being utilized, you can feel disconnected from your job, bored, and miserable. Your skills are something you want to develop throughout your professional career, especially in a specialist area. If you think your skills aren’t being used, it’s time to look for a new job.

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  1. Your Salary Falls Short

Unless you’re at a management level, your salary is unlikely to see any genuine changes. If your income hasn’t risen in line with inflation, it could leave you feeling like you have less money than when you started. As your career progresses, you should be able to attain a higher salary. If your salary is holding you back from things like buying a home, it might be time to considering leaving your job for a more lucrative position that matches your skills and experience.


  1. Issues with Management

One reason people leave their jobs is that they feel that their work environment is toxic. If you’ve clashed with your management, or feel like they’re unsupportive, your work life can quickly suffer. The same is true if you struggle to engage with your colleagues and have issues with your company’s future expansion plans. When you’re an employee, you represent your company. If you struggle to work with your management, you might feel you have no choice but to quit your job.


  1. You’re Burnt Out and Unhappy

A work/life balance is necessary and something that everyone should strive towards. While developing your career and reaching your goals should be your focus, your mental and physical health should also be. If you feel burnt out, it’s time to have a harsh look at your work. If you spend every weekend working, you can quickly feel burnt out. Your mental well-being is critical, and if you start to feel unhappy at work, it can quickly impact the rest of your life. Not every company promotes the burn out culture, and it is possible to find a new job at any organisation that will give you a work/life balance.

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