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What Makes a Good Employee Leave or Stay


What makes a good employee leave – or stayWhat makes a good employee leave may not always come down to pay. In fact, a good employee may leave your company in spite of the pay and benefits you offer. Good employees often leave because they’re frustrated with their career development, managers or opportunities to make a difference. Here’s how to get good employees to stick around.

Tips for retaining good employees

Show respect for your employee’s ideas. Create a culture where employees feel free to provide suggestions. And, when appropriate, note that a positive email, gift certificate for their favourite coffee shop or a thank you announced company-wide can make a real difference.

Support your employee’s interest in advancement. If you can’t make promotions available, look for ways to support learning and growth through mentorship, training, cross-team participation and special projects.

Reduce red tape and administrative headaches. Sometimes people leave because they’re frustrated with processes.

Understand what makes your team members tick. Explore your employees’ motivations.

Offer flexibility. Flex time and working from home can help employees with children, elderly parents, long commutes, ill partners or even special hobbies and activities.

Keep on top of pay surveys. Even though pay may not be a key driver for employee turnover, you should still be ready to respond to salary surveys.

Conduct stay interviews. Find out if there’s a way to get good employees to stick around – use a stay interview.

Carry out exit interviews. If your best performers are leaving, try to find out why via exit interviews – then address the problems, so that you can reduce turnover.

Realize that your business culture may be out of sync with that of some employees. Sometimes, employees just don’t fit your culture and it’s best that they move on.

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