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Video Interviewing


Video InterviewingThe Canadian job market has been steadily improving, with 305,000 jobs created in the past twelve months, representing a 1.8% rise in employment (Statistics Canada, April 8, 2011). We are once again entering a candidate’s job market, with many employers reporting challenges finding the talent they need for some niche positions. Many need to source candidates nationally or in some cases, internationally, signaling the need for video interviewing to narrow long distances and facilitate the recruitment process. For others, they are finding that video interviewing is an effective and efficient recruitment process.

Below are some benefits video interviewing offers employers.

Improved scheduling: Video interviews allow hiring managers to review applications when time permits. This prevents scheduling conflicts for the company and candidate, especially when multiple managers are part of the hiring process. Employers can fast forward through applications they know are not a match, making the process more productive and can review when and where it suits them — including at home. This is of particular benefit for companies where shift work or irregular hours are the norm. An example of which is Children’s Mercy Hospital. Their success in using video interviews can be viewed here.

Consistency: Asking the same questions of all applicants, including setting a time limit for answers, will ensure that benchmarks are consistent for all candidates. While typically inadvertent, interviewers can sometimes taint the process by asking different questions or leading candidates to answer a certain way. Standard questions will help you ensure the right questions are asked while also allowing you to directly compare responses.

Reviewing: Having a recording of an interview will allow human resources and line managers to review the candidate multiple times, if needed, helping the prescreening process. This will aid the interview-to-fill ratio, as fewer candidates will need to be brought in for a face-to-face meeting. This also improves the candidate experience as their time is not wasted if they are not a suitable match.

Travel costs: The cost of fuel continues to rise, as does air travel. Video interviews are a Green alternative which offer tremendous cost savings, whether it is the company saving on flying a candidate from across the country or the candidate saving on driving and parking costs to attend an in-town interview.

Accepted business practice: Social media, instant messenger, video conferencing and even Skype have changed the way businesses do business. Companies are looking for ways to leverage IT to reduce costs and video interviewing is another example of this. While some traditional video conferencing services allow you to record and save the videos, other companies are opting for services specifically geared to video interviews. Some companies of course have been using Skype for the initial prescreen, which is a free alternative.

Improved candidate experience: Social media has given everyone a voice — including many candidates who do not shy away from posting their experiences (both good and bad) on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is therefore important to ensure candidates have a clear understanding of requirements and expectations prior to the interview and that you as the employer follow up to review the status of their application. Candidates are again starting to have options, so ensuring you can conduct the process quickly and effectively will help you attract and secure the top talent available.

Technology has changed the candidate attraction, acquisition and retention process. If you’ve had any success with video interviewing, I’d love to hear about your experiences.Comment at our Facebook page  or contact me on Twitter at @ryanstgermaine.

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