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Topsy-Turvy Job Market – Temp it out for a change!


Topsy-Turvy Job MarketWith an unmistakably topsy-turvy economy you may find yourself stumped in your job search. For many of you in this situation, this is a most frustrating dilemma.

Temporary staffing is an excellent resource to utilize during times like this. While many companies might not be hiring for as many permanent positions at this time, taking on a temporary assignment might actually win you a job in a great company!

How? You ask.  For starters, employers are more wary when considering new additions to their team. Getting a chance to ‘check out’ a prospect employee on the job is ideal.  In many cases the temporary employee is not doing work of their full capability. Adaptability to changing environments will be key in this new economy. What will stand out to a company is the individual’s ability to take on a variety of tasks with ease. Doing short-term work with a smile on one’s face and a ‘pitch in and help out’ attitude is exactly what is on an employer’s checklist. Times are difficult for everyone right now and true team players are critical to optimizing effectiveness in a company. No slackers need apply!

Your mandate to optimizing your temporary staffing experience:


  • Be flexible to the types of assignments you are offered, you never know what kind of company you might end up at and what opportunities lie within.
  • Consider this work as a chance to expand your business network of contacts. In this market ‘who you know’ is more important than ‘what you know’!

Many of our temporary employees have commented ‘that was an amazing experience! Thank you for the opportunity!’ ‘I could never have done this without you’! A service oriented staffing agency can and will deliver results for you if you present an open mind and desire to experience new places and try out new roles.

Best case scenario: temporary employment also gives you a chance to check out a prospect company! They may not be on an active employee search but if you are well placed by the staffing agency and prove to be a great fit for the company there is a good chance that the company could find a spot for you. Worst case: the company loves you but just can’t add additional staff. You still make an income and also keep your skills sharpened by active employment. You will also take home a better understanding of your ideal work environment.

Maybe, after all, you really are suited to working in a more creative office setting. Unless you try, you will never know where you fit best.

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