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The One Question That Improves Your Job Search Outcome


The One Question That Improves Your Job Search OutcomeWe all know that having a goal is critical to actually achieving that goal – purposeful action is faster, smoother, more effective than a haphazard “let’s see if it works”! That’s not a secret.

And yet, how many people give their job search critical thought and planning?

It actually doesn’t have to be a complicated, convoluted and time-consuming effort! Here’s an easy question to ask yourself: What does a wildly successful (insert term such as job hunt, job, interview etc.) look like?

The wonderful thing about this question is that you can ask it at each step of the job search, for example:

What does a wildly successful job look like? You can’t land a top-notch job if you don’t know what you want to do. This question must be answered before a job search is launched as it drives everything: the resume content, the job search sites, potential employers, networking strategy – everything!

What does a wildly successful resume read like? As a document that is foundational to a solid career, the resume must not be taken lightly. If your resume reads like a position description, it’s not a resume. Don’t you want your resume to really sizzle and sell you like crazy? Don’t you aspire to influencing a recruiter to give you a call? Find out what it takes to achieve this!

What would a wildly successful phone interview sound like? These are becoming more popular as pre-screening tools. Are you prepared to handle this call when it comes?

You can go wild with this idea! Posing this question at each step can only improve the outcome. It forces you to admit to what you don’t know, and that should drive you to research. Asking this question stops you from leaving outcomes to chance, which although useful at times is far more effective when accompanied by preparation.

You will get more done. You will feel efficient. You will feel more in charge. And that can only translate into more confidence, which is essential to a resilient job hunt.

– submitted by Stephanie Clark

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