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Resume Basics – A Refresher


Resume Basics - A Refresher

We’ve seen every resume error in the book. These blunders make the difference between getting an interview, and wondering why no one is calling you. The key is proofread, proofread, proofread. Follow our simple steps, and you’ll be one step closer to scoring that dream job!

  • Always include a telephone number! Sounds obvious, right? Make it easy for the employer to contact you – an address or email address is not sufficient.
  • Make sure your spelling is impeccable. Attending the “Universty of British Colombia” and attaining a degree is English is a mistake that screams “I’m disorganized! Not good with details!”
  • Don’t write in Internet slang! Nothing gets your application tossed faster than a cover letter that ends with “Thx 4 considering me – U R gr8!”
  • Absolutely no fancy fonts. Curlz MT might look cute, but it definitely doesn’t present a mature and sophisticated first impression. Also, make sure the font you choose is compatible with whatever computer the potential employer has– having this show up: ?®??$#?*?¥ is sure to guarantee you don’t get a call back! Times New Roman, Arial, or Tahoma are good choices.
  • Most employers prefer work experience to be listed chronologically. That way, they can see if you have any gaps in your employment history. If you have taken some time off, make sure you put in a brief note about what you were doing, e.g. “1994 -1996 – Travelling”. You want to make sure the employer knows you had a reason for not working.
  • Make sure whatever number you list on your resume has voicemail! If there is no voicemail, your resume will go to the bottom of the pile and probably won’t come around again for a while. If you do have voicemail, 3 rules: make sure it is initialized, make sure it is not full, and make sure the message is professional and includes your full name. A message that says: “It’s me! Leave a message!” (In a Daffy Duck voice!) is not the best start. Yes, we have heard that one.
  •  Always start with an objective! Don’t make it long – 10 words is usually a good amount. That way, even if you don’t get the specific position you applied for, the employer might have something else in your field.

-Holly Cunliffe  Arlyn Reid

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