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Problem employees: seven tips for managing problem employees


Problem employees seven tips for managing problem employeesProblem employees — you’ve worked with them, perhaps for them and now you’re in a position where you need to manage them. Problem employees pose a range of costs for employers, since they affect morale and effort.

Tips for managing problem employees

1. Confront problem employees in private, not in front of others. In many cases, you can win an employee to your side through friendly chats and lunches. In others, you may need to be more direct and a private setting will allow you both to speak more freely, without tainting the work environment.

2. Try to find out what’s causing the problem. The employee may need further training or guidance.

3. Use 360-degree reviews, so that you can gain feedback from others.

4. Consider assigning a coach or mentor to your problem employee. Many employees – especially those just starting their careers – simply need some help finding their way.

5. Check that the employee fits the job. Sometimes an employee becomes a problem because their skills and background don’t jive with their tasks – especially after a reorganization.

6. Tell them the consequences. Let them know if they face discipline, dismissal, demotion, reduced work hours or a missed promotion. Sometimes, a problem employee will change their behaviour once told of consequences for their actions.

7. Document incidents, problems and the steps you’re taking to manage the situation. If you need to discipline or dismiss the employee, you’ll have paperwork to back you up.

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