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Personal websites and email addresses for jobseekers


Jobseekers increasingly refer employers to personal websites and email addresses. Done right, personal websites provide a great opportunity to showcase your professional personality, work experience, work samples, testimonials and portfolio pieces. And email addresses are de rigueur these days. But it’s important to know some basic guidelines for using websites and email addresses.

Use professional phrases for your website and email address. [email protected]* and www.mysp* are not going to curry favour with employers. If possible, host your email and website with a reputable-sounding domain, as opposed to a more social venue.

Keep your website professional. If you’re going to refer employers to your personal website, remove any potentially offensive material. Better yet, overhaul the site so that it only deals with professional, job-related information. I once decided not to hire a job candidate because her personal website, which was otherwise professional, included an entire section on women’s use of urinals, complete with animated pictures. I wasn’t offended by the content – perhaps I’m more open-minded than other employers — but I didn’t think that someone who took such risks with her job search site would be the best person to manage a marketing position.

Think twice about email signatures. Before adding a quote to your email signature, think carefully about who’ll be reading it. You might want to avoid sharing your political, religious, pop culture and other interests. Even if the recruiter or hiring manager shares your viewpoints, they may prefer someone who keeps a low profile.

Again, personal websites and email addresses can be fantastic tools for jobseekers. But, as with voice mail , make sure you maintain a professional image. Your job may count on it.

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