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What You Need to Remember in Your Job Post


In today’s job market, it’s easier than ever for employers to put their job postings online and reach a wide base of prospective employees. It’s also easy for job seekers to find hundreds of openings for their desired job titles just by clicking on a search button. This means it’s important to create an engaging job description that stands out in order to attract top candidates. Here are some tips to help you with the next job opening you publish:


Company description

It’s important that prospective applicants can get an idea of your company as soon as they look at your job posting. Include a description of what you do, why you do it, and what working with your company is like. Culture fit is an important consideration (for both employers and for applicants), so sharing this information early is a great way to screen out those who won’t be a fit on your team. Read over this portion of the job posting before you put it up – is this a company you’d want to work for? Does your description help you stand out and compel people to apply for this job?

Make the most of your employer branding options on whichever site you’re using. gives you the option to add your company logo, a banner image, a video, links to your website and social media profiles, as well as a company description.



Share what the successful candidate will be responsible for in this role and offer some context. Who will they be reporting to? Will they be responsible for managing any subordinates? How will their role contribute to the roles of the business? Having all of this information available will let applicants know what they can expect in this role.

Consider including an estimate of how the new employee’s time will be split between the different tasks, which can help give an even better idea of what the day-to-day job will look like.



You want to bring on the best candidate for the job, so make sure the requirements are clear so that you only get qualified applicants. The list of knowledge, skills, and experience that you’re looking for may include both absolute requirements as well as things that are “nice to have”. You’ll likely get applicants who don’t have everything on your list, so make sure to specify which requirements are necessities for the position.


Be honest

Don’t try to sell your company (or the job itself) as something it’s not. You might think that using ambiguous language or trying to make the job sound exciting may get you more applicants, but being misleading means that people won’t be applying for your jobs in the future. Remember that during the interview process, potential employees will be able to experience first-hand what they can really expect out of this role. If this experience differs greatly from what’s in your job description, it can leave a bad impression of your company.


Online job seekers literally have the world at their hands. To get the best applicants for your jobs, you’ve got to make sure that your job description includes all of the information candidates are looking for in an engaging way. Put time and effort into writing your job post and applicants will be more inclined to do the same in their applications.  

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Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash with modifications

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