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Job Interview secrets


Job interview secrets: the checklist

Job interview secrets can help you improve your chances of landing a job. When you take the time to understand job interview secrets, you give yourself an edge over other candidates. In most cases, it’s not that there are “secrets” to job interviews, it’s that most people have overlooked some of the most important job interview advice.

Job interview secrets – before the interview starts

1. Confirm the interview time, date and address
2. Bring:
Three copies of your resume, reference list, and letters of recommendation – one for you, one for the interviewer and one for any other people who show up.
Paper and two pens so you can make notes. You don’t want to have to ask the interviewer for writing materials.
• Copies of any relevant documentation, such as a diploma or license
• Company research that you have found and reviewed
• A list of questions
Work samples, if applicable
3. Go to the interview alone so that you look independent and confident. If someone accompanies you, have them wait down the street at a coffee shop or in a car.
4. Get traffic or transit route information ahead of time – and leave early.
5. Arrive 10 minutes early.
6. Use your 10 minutes to find the interview location, check your appearance in a restroom, and get settled.
7. Introduce yourself to the receptionist. Mention the time and the name of the person you’ll be meeting. Thank the receptionist and, if it’s offered, take a seat.
8. Relax. Browse through your resume, company literature or trade journals. It looks more professional to be found reading a business magazine than a fashion or sports magazine.
9. Be friendly, polite and professional with everyone you meet. Interviewers often ask receptionists what they think of a candidate.

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