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Interviewing and salary negotiation


Interviewing and salary negotiation go hand in hand. The trick with interviewing and salary negotiation is to plan ahead for the job you want.

Know your market value
Before the interview, get a feel for typical pay ranges for this sort of position. The number of candidates in the local job market, job duties, company reputation and your own skills and experience will influence pay. Look at salary surveys, salary calculators and labour market statistics. Friends, job postings, trade magazines, alumni and other professionals can help you learn the going rate.

Negotiate benefits
A job offer involves more than just salary. Try negotiating perks like parking, tuition assistance, training, stock option, work schedule and vacation time. Even when an employer can’t move on salary, they may have flexibility with other parts of the package.

Keep your cool
Getting angry or upset won’t help your case. In fact, it may cause the employer to reconsider the offer. Focus on what you bring to the table, not your personal situation.

Let them reconsider
If the salary offer falls below your expectations, let the employer know. Tell them you’d be interested in the job if they raised their offer.

Sleep on it
Even if the salary offer exceeds your wildest dreams, ask to think about it overnight. Don’t let a good salary distract you from other important issues, such as the job, work environment, co-workers, management, benefits, commute time and your career and life goals.

Be professional
If you and the employer can’t agree on an offer, thank them for considering you. Tell them you’d like to be considered for future job openings. Say that you hope that you’ll have the chance to work together in the future. Sometimes, the person who does get hired ends up leaving the job and you could find yourself in the interview chair again.

Salary negotiation and interviewing go more easily when you plan ahead. For more information on interviewing, see these articles:

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