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How to Buy a Quality Business Suit


How to Buy a Quality Business SuitThe purchase of a quality business suit in late summer or early fall is a necessity.  In the cooler months many employers raise their expectations for professional dress. For many of us this means exchanging cotton Polo’s and silk t-shirts for a new suit. When buying a suit, the label and the price tag aren’t always the best way to judge value. By evaluating the construction details of the business suit before you buy, you will make a wise investment that will add to your professional image.

Eight Tips on Buying a New Business Suit

The quality business suit should look and feel comfortable. 100% wool is still considered the best quality for a business suit and will reflect a professional image. The smoother the texture, the more refined the suit will appear.  For moderate and warmer climates, ‘tropical weight’ or ‘four season’s weight’ fabrics will give you the most wearability.

    • Check for flaws in the fabric such as holes, weakened or thin areas. This is an indication of poor quality fabric. Avoid buying a business suit made with recycled fibers.
    • Watch out for loose threads or crooked stitching. All threads including topstitching should match the fabric unless designed for contrast. Contrast stitching is seldom appropriate for a man’s business suit although many women’s suits have this detail.
    • Fully lined jackets drape best and look more finished. Check to see that the lining is smooth. Although a half lined jacket will feel more comfortable in warmer climates, it will only be appropriate for a relaxed work environment.
    • Lined trousers drape best. For comfort in warmer weather, trousers may be lined to the knee.
    • Patterns such as stripes, checks and plaids should match up at the seams.
    • Check all buttons and fasteners to make sure they are securely sewn on. Additional buttons should be included in your purchase… just in case.
    • Edges and corners should lie flat without bulk or puckering.  Hems are secure and invisible from the outside.


A quality business suit that is well maintained will enhance your professional image and look great for many years. Learn to make the most of your purchase by judging the quality of ‘those little details’ before you buy.
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