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Hot Fun In the City – How to Keep Your Job Search Cool This Summer


Hot Fun In the CityWhether you are looking for seasonal employment or searching for your next career opportunity, it is important to adapt your job hunting techniques to gain a competitive edge this summer. A common myth exists that no hiring gets done once the thermostat rises; however this isn’t always the case. With important initiatives often commencing after Labour Day, many companies need to increase their headcount now to anticipate higher workloads.

So what are some tips to find a job as the temperature rises?

Try Temping. Many businesses need vacation coverage for business critical roles or to help manage key projects or initiatives. The summer still means business as usual for many companies and the work needs to get done. This is your chance to audition for the job — proving your skills and competencies in the working environment. Demonstrating your value to the organization may result in a permanent job at the end of the contract.

Strike while the iron is hot. Many job seekers are probably thinking like you — that companies are taking a break from hiring over the summer, so what’s the point in applying? This notion is false, although may work in your favour as there may be less competition in the market. Truth is, if the time is right for you, then the time is right to be job hunting.

Socialize. With summer parties in full swing, now is the best time to be networking and sourcing contacts to help you in your job search. Let people know that you’re actively looking for new opportunities and follow up on any potential leads. Don’t forget to personally thank anyone who offers their help!

Dress appropriately. While some companies may give their employees the opportunity to dress more casually during the warm weather, this does not apply to your interview attire. It is still important to look your best at interviews, so ensure you bring a suit jacket or blazer to cover up during the meeting. If you’re temping, make sure you observe summer attire policies and err on the side of conservative if ever in doubt as to what to wear.

Consider seasonal employment. With the tourism, hospitality and recreation sectors working overtime, there is generally increased hiring activity over the summer. While it may not be your dream job, seasonal work will get you out earning a paycheque and gaining experience. It is perfect for those returning to school in the fall or looking to supplement their income while they search for other opportunities.

Reward yourself. Job hunting can often be a stressful undertaking, especially when friends and family are out enjoying the sunshine. Whether it’s taking an ice cream break or walking along the water, rewarding yourself will help ensure you stay motivated in your job search.

While it may be hard to watch everyone out enjoying the summer months while you’re inside job searching, maximizing your efficiency will help get you out enjoying the sunshine as well. It’s about working smarter not harder. So grab your sunglasses, head out to a patio and network your way to a new career!

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