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Generation F in the Workplace


Generation F in the WorkplaceIt is undeniable that the culture of BC is shifting quickly along with the pace of technology. A few years ago very few people knew of Facebook and now it ‘s hard to find someone who’s not on it. Generation F- the Facebook generation, refers to those of us who have grown up “online”. This is a generation who is highly capable of retrieving information on the net. All the news of the world is in front of them on the computer screens, ideas are exchanged freely, and creativity overflows. Companies are starting to recognize that social media and networking are power tools for their businesses and that most of their future employees will be from the generation F. In order to attract the most talented, and skilled members of the Generation F, it is important for companies to understand who they are and perhaps reinvent the working environment accordingly.

Generation F characteristics
As mentioned above, Generation F consists of people who have grown up in the digital age. They are comfortable with technology, and are media savvy. This is a well-informed generation who retrieve information and form connection from all around the world. But what defines Generation F is so much more than their comfort around the computers and other technological advances. Because the Generation F has grown up on the net, certain cultures have formed in this process.

Let’s look at some of them.
Generation F enjoy a higher level of democracy. Take Youtube for example, people watch and rate clips. The best, most enjoyed clips will get the most views and highest ratings. When applied to work, members from the Generation F will expect equality in the sharing of ideas. It is second nature to Generation F that the best ideas are chosen, and the most suitable candidate becomes project leader. Actual talent and contribution weighs much more to the Generation F than one’s degree, work experience, etc.

Another trait of the Generation F is their global disposition. It is effortless for Generation F to work with people from other cultures. This is undoubtedly a great advantage for any company. Furthermore, the Generation F is a generation of sharing. Ideas are freely exchanged on the net. This is a generation that has enjoyed sharing what they know with others. Members of  Generation F know the joy in being recognized and connected with others.

The Generation F will soon take over the workforce and bring about revolutionary changes in the workplace environment and organizational culture. Organizations should prepare themselves in welcoming this new generation. This may be a little difficult in the beginning, but it will help companies adapt, evolve and succeed for years to come.

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