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Employee retention programs


employee retentionEmployee retention programs can help you hang on to your most valuable assets – your star performers. By implementing even basic employee retention programs, you can become a destination for great employees – rather than a stepping stone to the next job.

Ideas for employee retention programs

1. Workplace culture – make coming to work a good experience. Relaxed dress codes, Friday afternoon socials, brownbag lunch presentations, open door policies and openness can go a long way in some employee’s eyes.

2. Involvement – involve your employees, so they feel like they belong. Give them opportunities to provide input for decisions. Use cross-department committees to allow people to apply their talent in new ways, while building relationships with people outside their own teams.

3. Orientation – start off on the right foot with a great welcome orientation for new employees. An orientation can convey workplace culture, generate excitement and help new team members fit into your organization.

4. Learning – support ongoing education, training and learning. Tuition reimbursement, conference funding, in-house mentoring, coaching, and even book subsidies can help your employees feel like they’re in a culture that recognizes development.

5. Reward – celebrate and reward employee achievements. Although many organizations recognize length of service, consider smaller awards for people who do great work from day to day. Treat employees to gift certificates, lunches, corporate apparel, company barbecues and birthday breakfasts – or even simply recognize achievements in newsletters, meetings and emails.

No matter what programs you choose, keep in mind that the best retention programs identify employee motivations. If you understand the interests and values of your employees, you’ll be more likely to retain your team members.

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