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Does Working From Home Make Us More Productive?

Does working from home make us more or less productive

We are currently living through a pandemic that will probably end up in the history books. As the COVID-19 season drags on and many of us transition to working from home, questions abound.

Many companies have had to ask employees to work from home to allow for self-isolation. Though learning to cope with new operations can be tricky, many people are more concerned with their productivity.

According to CNBC, working from home may increase or decrease productivity. The connection is between the task and the environment. 

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Boring tasks are easier to accomplish in a structured and simple environment like a cubicle.  Accomplishing creative tasks is easier in a more relaxed environment. 

It is an easy thing to be distracted by housemates, television, or dog walking when facing a dull or simple task – hence productivity lessens when doing this work from home. 

When facing a complex task that requires problem-solving, an unstructured environment may heighten creativity, attention, and productivity.

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As companies and employees question whether working from home should be the new normal, strategies for keeping employees consistent are necessary. 

To help keep yourself or your employees productive during this time, consider using helpful methods, apps, and websites designed to help increase focus and workflow. 

Methods to Increase Focus

1. Practice concentration techniques

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the easiest and most rewarding productivity supports we have found. It helps increase workflow by setting 25-minute ‘work’ timers, each followed by a mandatory ‘break’. Though it may seem counter-productive, it minimizes procrastination and distraction. This is a helpful tool to use when needing to slog through basic or boring tasks, but can also help the creative soul find focus and drive.

2. Listen to brain-boosting music

Another lovely work assistant is a music website called – a space dedicated to keeping you focused and efficient. Featuring anywhere from 30min to ‘∞’ sessions of brain-boosting music, you can tailor a soundtrack to your work length. One of their tips is to pop in headphones while you work. We believe this helps cut down on general distraction. also has music for relaxing and sleeping so if you find the work playlists helpful, try the others.

3. Take frequent breaks

Giving yourself adequate breaks throughout the day will decrease burnout and lift your mood. This is especially important when dealing with the stress of a pandemic and a changing workspace. Don’t be afraid to get outside and take a short walk to keep your blood pumping and your spirits lifted.

We hope that your remote work leads to a healthier and happier lifestyle, regardless of CoVID-19. Keep your goals in sight and remind yourself to get those pesky tasks done, boring or not. 

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