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Digital Age – Reputation, Resumes & Video Interviews [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Job seekers and employers alike are using the internet to their full advantage but in slightly different ways. Most job seekers already know that the internet is an integral tool in the job hunt as more and more companies post their openings online and many require a digital application rather than a paper application. Using the internet is undoubtedly the most popular and effective way to find a job in our Digital Age.

There are a plethora of articles that caution to post carefully on all social media while job hunting as many companies will screen applicants through their online profiles. Social media can be used not only to display your personality as an employee but also show that you are interested and engaged in the field you hope to work in. Many companies have their own social media pages and following them can help you interact personally. Actively participating in discussions with companies and individuals in your job field can help boost your digital presence and help build your knowledge about that industry. Keeping up with the latest information about companies through social media can help you appear as a knowledgeable and prepared employee candidate. But social media can also be a tool to find a job.

Many companies are logging on and using the same tools to recruit possible employees as well. According to an article from Time, about 94% of employers used LinkedIn for recruiting and 66% used Facebook. Companies appear to be using LinkedIn in a variety of ways for the recruitment process; from searching for potential candidates, posting job listings, screening applicants, and even pre-interviewing. Many employers take advantage of the “groups” feature on LinkedIn, in which members can join to discuss various topics or interests. These forums help recruiters seek out and find job candidates who are already engaged and interested in their company. Being active on these group discussions can lead to meeting prominent people that can be crucial to your job search.

Here are some other digital-friendly tips to ensure you are using social media and other digital tools in your job hunt:  




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