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Business Partnerships: Outsourcing HR


Business Partnerships: Outsourcing HRAs we have come to learn, one individual cannot be an expert in everything required to run their business.  As the enterprise grows from a micro business to large the entrepreneur has to grapple with issues about leadership, motivation, competitive benefits and pay scales. They are also dealing with financial decisions, capital projects, branding and customer service. It means the business owner/leader must seek outside help or hire it into their organization on multiple levels.

This is especially true when matters are related to Human Resources.  How many business owners really know how to establish profit sharing or competitive benefits programs complete with life insurance, dental and disability?  An entrepreneur needs serious planning and research at their disposal in order to make the best decisions.

If you are a Small and Medium sized Enterprise maybe it’s time to engage a professional to help you with your personnel policies and protocols?  Hiring a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) can get you started.  Hiring outside counsel in this arena is no different from working with your lawyer or accountant.  The beauty of hiring for advice means not necessarily hiring for a full-time in-house HR professional.  Yes there are consulting fees but they may in fact be less costly than hiring that full-time person.  Think of it as a pre-requisite to growth.

Having a professional in the wings at your beck and call can give you piece of mind on matters that until now have been foreign to you.  The benefits are; you can stay competitive by attracting talent to your organization which increases the propensity to grow profits. Being competitive means you can hire the best and be ahead of your competition.  Of course if you are not expanding or planning sales growth or just plain not planning to stay ahead of the curve you can always just go with what you know (status quo).  The question is do you want to be left sitting at the curb in your market place?


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