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5 Signs You Might Be A Star Candidate

5 Signs You Might Be A Star Candidate

Looking for a job can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Often, part of the stress is not knowing whether you’re moving on to the next hiring phase – or if a recruiter even likes you. To help ease that stress we’ve put together some signs that you may be exactly what a recruiter is analyzing when you are looking for a job.

1- The company performs for you.

The best sign you will ever receive is if the company is persuading you to work for them. Performance tactics include scheduling interviews around your availability, introducing you to staff members, and spending some time explaining the perks of the job.

This often ends up feeling as if you are interviewing the company, and they are putting their best foot forward. You’re often a cinch for the job if this is a major theme throughout your interactions.

2- Communication is clear and timely.

If you’ve had great communication and a hiring process that hasn’t been dragging out for weeks on end, this is a good sign you’re doing well. If there are repeatedly ‘missed’ emails, or an interview ends with: ‘we’ll be in touch soon’, start looking elsewhere. You want to hear specifics and timelines as these suggest commitment.

When a recruiter is vague – there’s a reason for it. Companies hire recruiters specifically for their ability to collect and bring on talent. If a recruiter is being noncommital, it’s not a good sign. Don’t be afraid to ask for more straightforward communication, just don’t be pushy.

3- You’ve got the skills on paper – and references to back you up.

If you don’t slay the interview, there’s still hope. While recruiters know that interview nerves can set in if your paper skills are good enough they will get in touch with your references. This allows the recruiter to get a sense of what working with you is like.

If you know your references will praise you honestly and speak to qualities that the recruiter is looking for, be happy. Many candidates don’t have honest resumes, let alone references who will support them.

4- You have relevant skills outside the required qualifications.

One of the best signs for a star candidate is someone who meets the basic requirements and then some. You will be a great asset to any job if you can provide creative or insightful perspectives. Be able to speak concisely about your basic and bonus abilities.

This will come across as intriguing and refreshing, making you stand out. Just make sure that your outside skills are truly relevant to the position!

5- You’ve shown passion and initiative.

Wowing your recruiter can take some serious effort, especially if they’ve been slogging through a day of disappointing interviews.

Start out with a big smile and don’t let your energy flag during the interview or follow-up conversations. Stay positive and keen – even if you have to ham it up a bit. If you can accomplish this during the hiring process, it will be helpful to your candidacy.

If you experience some, or all, of these signs, stay connected with the recruiter. If these signs are absent from your interviewing process, it may be time to look for somewhere you can clearly shine.

About the Author

Simon Chou is the Vice President of Operations and Growth at Over the course of his career, he carved a niche in brand development,  marketing strategy, and online presence for startups. Prior to BC Jobs, he served as a marketing advisor for high-profile blockchain projects including Litecoin, NEM and Ripple. He’s also worked with fortune 500 companies in the healthcare space.

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