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10 Steps To a Smooth Start in a New Job


10 Steps To a Smooth Start in a New JobIt’s scary starting a new job. For some, the first day is preceded by a pitiful night’s sleep leaving the apprehensive newbie groggy rather than laser-focused. And then there are those who leap in in a blaze of glory to prove themselves worthy … and step on toes along the way, which leads to the need for damage control! Is there a better way to start a new job?

Albert Einstein said “Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value.” Success, by popular definition (money, fame, power), is elusive. Value, on the other hand, has muscle. Consider the CEOs of the failed global finance companies. By most definitions they were successful with their multimillion dollar bonuses. But what is their value? What reputation have they earned?

When beginning a new job, it is best to first to see who’s who in the zoo. Evaluate the power hierarchy, the people of influence, the malcontents, those on the rise. That strategy may just save you from a serious and irrevocable faux-pas before you have had the opportunity to establish yourself as a valued employee.

Secure your value and ensure success with these key strategies.

10 Steps to a Smoother Transition

  1. Lay low and understand the workplace culture. From dress code to taking breaks, watch and learn. Listen more; speak less.
  2. Reinvent yourself. You have a clean slate; use it to create your desired reputation.
  3. Meet your employer’s expectations. Take the initiative and ask for an assessment of how you are doing.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. But do learn from your mistakes.
  5. Don’t try to impress, but do try to be impressed by everyone.
  6. Think of “being of service” rather than worrying about self-serving goals.
  7. Keep a log of challenges met. This will boost confidence, and provide discussion material for a meeting with your supervisor.
  8. Find a mentor or “buddy” for informal feedback, support and encouragement.
  9. Have a positive attitude. Smile. Accept invites. Don’t gossip. Be kind.
  10. Remember that luck begins with hard work.

An Added Thought: “Nice Guys Finish First”

Two studies recently conducted at North Carolina State University turned the old saying “Nice guys finish last” on its head. Apparently when a team is led by a “nice guy,” members feel well-treated, work harder, and work more collaboratively. This leads to a very real competitive advantage.

And in their best-seller, “The Power of Nice,” authors Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval explained how they moved to the top of the advertising world by tackling business with kindness.

Put these 10 steps and the power of being nice to the test as you begin a new job!

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