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About Western Safety Products

Providing a safe working environment and preparing for a medical emergency isn't easy. Because your company is subject to government safety standards, the job is even tougher. You could try to handle it yourself. You could size up your working environment. Check over your first aid and safety products listing what you need. Then contact a supplier of safety products and wait for your supplies to arrive. Then again you may wonder, what if an emergency comes up, what if I don't have the proper supplies. Am I ordering the right safety equipment to protect the employees for the job they are doing? If you are asking yourself these questions than we can help. All you have to do is contact one of our professional sales people. We can find the answers for you to make sure you have the proper equipment. We have the resources and the training to help you in making informed decisions about your safety and the first aid requirements.
Western Safety offers the largest fleet of fully stocked first aid and safety service vans in British Columbia. This allows us to cover more territory, and offer quicker service then any other company. Western Safety does not charge for our service only for the products that you purchase. We will come to your place of business clean and service your first aid kit, supply you with quality safety products on the spot. Our service speeds up delivery, decreases back orders, saves you time and money. We can also help answer any safety or first aid questions that you may have. We can tailor Western Safety's service to meet your needs, we can come in on predetermined intervals or as you request it. Whatever your needs are we can meet your requirements with professional, courteous service.