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Walco Industries Ltd

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Walco Industries has committed its knowledge and experience in serving its customers for 38 years. Walco's owners, management and employees believe in the Walco motto of "Service, Quality and Safety" and we earn the trust and confidence of our customers by consistently delivering on our commitments to them, our communities we serve and last but not least, the environment. We are determined to meet our customers' future needs with services that provide tangible value, and we will aggressively pursue opportunities to strengthen our contributions to their objectives through "Service, Quality and Safety".

We are constantly working to raise the quality of our services, to improve performance and our ability to work safely using forward thinking solutions. We aim to increase our production, using innovative technologies created by our team. Walco Industries have successfully carried forward our commitment of innovation, quality, service and established ourselves as a leader for water blasting providers in Canada. The companies success is well recognized, with a long list of challenging and complex projects to our credit. We work with the Water Jet Technology Association as well to help achieve higher safety standards and increase our knowledge on future technologies.

Service ○ Quality ○ Safety

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