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VO2 Master

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Our Story

VO2 Master started as a conversation between a young computer programmer and a physician with a passion for coaching endurance athletes, using physiologic testing to help them reach new heights. Peter was hungry for more of a challenge than the University Computing Science Department could offer. Andrew was frustrated with cumbersome equipment, and the poor user-interface of the table top VO2 monitors he had been using for over 7 years. Together, they dreamed of an assessment tool that could truly capture an athlete’s physiologic responses to real world situations. The goal was to close the massive gap between the static University based labs and the athletic experience on the road, the trails, the track, and beyond. The concept of the first portable, wireless, VO2 monitoring device the world had ever seen was born.

We are now set to start a sports testing revolution that will see athletes and coaches have the ability to visualize oxygen consumption data on their smartphone or tablet, using a patented technology that has eliminated the need for tubes, wires and expensive equipment previously confined to the laboratory. Athletes are now able to step out of the lab, and back onto the field, or ice surface, or into the trails, or onto the road, while still providing lab-grade data to their coaches.

The revolution of sports performance testing has begun.

The VO2 Master Pro has a number of features that set it apart from conventional VO2 testing equipment:

1) Bluetooth – due to wireless integration, we have been able to eliminate all wires, cables and tubes. This has resulted in the most portable and comfortable VO2 testing device on the market.

2) *Gas Sampling – engineers working with our company developed a passive sampling system which allows energy efficient transfer of gases thru the same high grade galvanic oxygen sensor as found in the highest priced lab grade units. Our patented sampling system allows a unit to remain fully functional for multiple tests using a single AAA battery.

3) Moisture Reduction – special desiccant tubing has been added to the sampling system to remove moisture from the air samples. This improves the reliability of the device.

4) Filter System – the VM Pro unit is designed with an inexpensive replaceable filter that allows multiple users to use the unit with reduced risk of exposure to respiratory borne infections.

5) Phone App – the VM Pro sends live data directly to any iOS or Android portable device, for real-time analysis. The app also allows for collection of data from other bluetooth enabled devices and for downloading of data to third-party analytical software platforms.