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Vigil Health Solutions Inc.

About Vigil Health Solutions Inc.
Overview of Company
Vigil is a publicly held Canadian company providing healthcare services and products internationally.
Vigil is committed to providing innovative technology through ongoing research and development, in-house system design, and extensive consultation with healthcare professionals and clients. The continuous input of caregivers and managers, who deal directly with the challenges of dementia care on a daily basis, has assisted Vigil in developing an innovative hardware and software solution, the Vigil Integrated Care Management System™ (the Vigil® System). The Vigil® Dementia System provides long-term care residents suffering from dementia with a means of summoning help without being cognitively alert.
Vigil is client driven. Our sales staff are knowledgeable and informed about the long-term care environment and constantly strive to provide clients with the product and advice that best suits their requirements. Continually investing in research and development, we plan and build our business with a view to the future and a respect for the growing needs of our clients and our partners. We recognize that providing exceptional products is not enough and pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and support 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.
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