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About The Trainer's

The Trainer’s, as we are best known by over 1000+ companies, succeeds in training and supporting the CRM products we sell. We align a company’s needs with the best fit CRM software tools while keeping the product affordable and easy to use. We have the tips and tricks that escalate the amount of time they need to be successful with their new CRM product. If they follow our recommendations, they have a solution for the life of their company with growth potential.

We started over 18 years ago helping companies with this new technology and we have learned a ton and shared a ton with all who want to learn and use a CRM product.

The process starts with a Demo. When the sale is made, we move the new company into a Project Plan.

Someone has to configure the Database and usually a Database Administrator or Sales Assistant is assigned to the project by the corporation. They use us to help them secure the database for the different types of users. Processes are documented while the training takes place. The very best thing that happens is that the person responsible for the corporate data is taught everything possible so he or she or they become self sufficient with the CRM software.