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CX Research
SQM is a leading market research specialist firm for benchmarking, tracking, and improving customer and employee experience, powered by SQM’s mySQM™ CX Insights software.
SQM’s CX research service measures, benchmarks, tracks, and identifies opportunities for improving customer contact channel, interaction lifecycle, and employee experience performance. At the heart of SQM’s research capabilities is our mySQM™ CX Insights software for capturing, analyzing, and reporting customer and employee insights data in one place. mySQM™ CX Insights software is customizable, simple to use for frontline employees, business analysts and business managers, and provides powerful customer and employee experience insights to assist companies in actioning data and feedback. SQM conducts over 500 CX benchmarking studies on an annual basis with leading North American companies. SQM uses transaction and perception surveys and offers phone, email, interactive voice recording, online, face-to-face, and kiosk surveying methods. Our advanced survey quota management system allows us to accurately deliver a survey quota at a frontline level or any other survey quota that is required. All surveys are conducted from our Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Vernon, British Columbia state-of-the-art research centers.

CX Consulting
SQM’s consulting approach is based on the best practices required to improve CX with a proven track record for helping clients improve their CX.
SQM’s CX consulting service is based on capturing, validating, and sharing best practices required to improve CX. Most importantly, SQM has a proven track record for helping clients improve their CX. SQM can validate if your contact center operating practices are best practices. SQM’s operating best practices are founded upon our award-winning contact centers’ operating best practice standards. A practice must have a positive impact on CX to be validated as a best practice. Our understanding of people, process, and technology best practices for improving CX are unsurpassed in the contact center industry. SQM’s consulting services also include CX journey mapping and CX improvement cycle (e.g., identify, develop, check and act) solutions to assist companies in developing and executing a CX improvement plan.

CX Awarding
SQM’s customer and employee experience and best practice awards are the most prestigious and sought-after industry awards in North America.
SQM’s CX awarding service recognizes organizations that have demonstrated excellence for CX, Employee Experience (EX), and CX Best Practices. Furthermore, SQM certifies organizations and individuals who have demonstrated CX excellence on an ongoing basis. SQM’s awards program is considered the most prestigious and sought-after contact center industry awards in North America. What makes SQM’s awards unique is that they are based on customers who have used a contact center and/or employees who work in a contact center. We have more than 50 different awards and recognize top-performing organizations for CX, EX, and CX Best Practice performance. SQM award winners include American Express, Scotiabank, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Marriott, FedEx, Capital One, AmeriHealth, Security Health Plan, and LoyaltyOne.