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About SendtoNews
SendtoNews. is an indispensable partner of the top brands in online publishing, sports and advertising. Our relationships with 1600+ premium publishers like USA Today, the LA Times and NY Post allow us to deliver over 250 million video views per month, making us one of the top digital sports video distributors in North America (#2 and #1 in US and Canada comScore reports).

To get specific, we exclusively and co-exclusively receive official content from over 70 top sporting leagues and organizations like NFL, MLB, the NBA, NHL and PGA Tour. We then provide that content through our own technology and video player to top publishers across the continent. We sell ads supplied by leading brands, sporting leagues and advertisers to play before the videos, generating revenue that we share with our publishing and content partners.

What’s in it for you? Besides spirited discussions on the top guards in the NBA and passionate arguments both for and against the designated hitter rule, you’ll be working with a fast-growing company in a thriving field. SendtoNews had over 1 billion video views in 2016 and is on pace to triple that in 2017. Digital video is fast becoming the topchoice of advertisers and is a nearly 14-billion-dollar industry in the US alone. We have quickly positioned ourselves as a digital media leader and are just getting started.

If you can bring dedication, curiosity, and excitement to this role, we want to hear from you.
SendtoNews does not currently have any available jobs.
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