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Company Size
11-50 employees
About Rx
Fathom™ is a new business unit of Rx Networks, a world-leader in location technology. Rx Networks helped shape the mobile location industry, making GPS work faster and in more places than originally thought possible. We helped device manufacturers and mobile operators deliver the best possible user location experience. Our software and services provide over a billion smartphones with the ability to quickly determine their location when a 911 call is made or a location app is used. Along the way, we’ve become very good at dealing with massive amounts of data and deploying cloud-based, high-availability solutions. We’re naturally proud of this. But really, we’re just getting started!

If you’ve heard about IoT – the Internet of Things – then you know this will dwarf the smartphone volumes. Tens of billions. Now think about the challenge of locating and managing such a large number of devices. Then contemplate the opportunity for new services, insights into operations, consumer behaviours, employee performance, and predictions that such a connected infrastructure will empower….

We have the goods to make IoT location-aware. Fathom is launching a line of self-locating IoT devices, starting with the Fathom Hub™, a device that helps companies manage networks of Bluetooth beacons and gather data on the behaviour of people carrying Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, fitness bands, and other wearables. Complementing the Fathom Hub is Fathom Control™, a portal for managing and alerting on changes or activities within a customer’s network of beacons, and the Fathom API™, a service that provides access to data that drives powerful analytics and business intelligence.

Fathom brings location to the location-less and will revolutionize retail, healthcare, and other industries.

Location. Context. Intelligence.™
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