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I was really impressed about how Ingrid works to find the right people for us. She took the time to really get to know our company and did this very thoroughly. She also has a very good understanding of IT technologies and gives everything a personal touch which is so important when working with people. The co-operation was very successful and we were able to fill our open position in no time. I highly recommend working with Ronin HR to find tech people in Kelowna.

Jasmine Schläfli, Head of HR, Nine Internet Solutions AG

I realized immediately Ronin HR is not a typical recruitment agency; they invested time getting to know our company, our culture, our products, and our people. When we received potential candidates from Ronin I knew they had been thoroughly vetted to meet our requirements and would be a good team fit. We had a high success rate filling key positions with the help of Ronin HR. We plan to work with them again to fill future positions. Highly recommend.

Michael Ratch, Operations Manager, Hyper Hippo Productions

When I started to work with Ingrid, I had no understanding of how to navigate very complex issues around human resources. Ingrid came to my side, and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Ingrid to anyone having to make difficult decisions and scale their business. Ingrid comes to the table with a huge network of supporters that can assist you in your journey. Thank you, Ingrid, for your contributions to our company!

Aaron Kilback
CEO -YodelME™

We had some very specific and niche skills required for our hiring, and Ingrid was able to quickly learn and understand the types of people we needed. She pulled in talent from across Canada and provided them with all the support they needed while relocating to Kelowna. Ingrid was prompt and polite in all of our communications, and we felt that she went above and beyond to address our recruitment needs.

Eric Huang, CEO, BlockCAT Technologies Inc.

I recently made the move from Montreal to the beautiful Okanagan thanks in part to Ingrid. Not only did she link me up with a fantastic company that resonated with my career ambitions, but she made the entire process quick, easy and enjoyable. I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years, and none have been more pleasant, attentive and accommodating than Ingrid.

Justin Veenema

Ingrid made the move from Vancouver quick and painless. From work culture to family and housing, Ingrid was totally supportive and informative, and always gave me direct answers to any questions that popped up. She made the decision to move super easy, and has made a huge difference in my career growth. - J.

During my interactions with Ronin HR, I appreciated Ingrid’s professionalism and openness. I feel like I have a ‘cornerman’ in the employment search field. - W.L.