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R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd.

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Our Research Data Analyst works collaboratively within a project team on a number of different complex projects, simultaneously.  Working independently to gather, manage, and analyze data, this fast paced position maximizes your skills and builds your career potential as a valued member of the Malatest team within the research industry. If you are passionate about unlocking the meaningful value of our collected data to further inform our research projects, then you will want to join our team. Our Research Data Analyst leverages the quality of information gathered to report on impactful results.

As a Research Data Analyst you would represent the companies legacy with a matched value for excellence, professionalism, quality, integrity and efficiency; engaging in research projects with an attention to detail, interpersonal engagement, dynamic energy, top notch data management skills and dedication to the highest quality standards for the research that our organization provides.

Collects raw data and documents (codes and cleans) information gathered for our project requirements;
Designs and develops database architecture to inform our projects;
Constructs, modifies, integrates, implements and tests data models and database management systems;
Conducts research and provides advice to others regarding the data collection, application and implementation of database management tools;
Operates database management systems to analyze data and perform data mining analysis;
Conducts research and provides advice to others regarding the collection, availability, security and suitability of data required to inform the project(s);
May lead, co-ordinate or supervise other workers in a variety of teams or groups;


Duties will include, but are not limited to:

Survey design and implementation;
Data collection and data management;
Quantitative research methods and analysis;
Report writing - data summary, results charts, tables;
Developing databases and interpreting results;
Other project specific tasks, as required;


Expectations will include:

Designing and developing data capturing mechanisms; identifying and recommending internal process improvements related to data collection, flow, storage and usage to ensure accuracy and organizational efficiency;
Sourcing and collecting data from multiple varieties of sources with focused quality assurance, data validation and maintaining data integrity;
Organizing customized data collections, data mining, data analysis and reporting (either ad hoc or for organizational projects), as required; creating reports for internal and external stakeholders;
Recommending and developing data analysis and planning for methodologies and tools to ensure consistency with regards to best practices and Malatest standards for research statistical findings;
Identifying, monitoring, and analyzing external sources of data that can support the evaluation, inform and develop internal strategies and/or processes for successful project completions;
Collaborating with the appropriate allocation of resources to complete the required work assigned;
Assisting in the development of staff through mentoring/coaching, providing in-house capabilities training, workshops, information sessions, and/or various other presentations and communications;
Contributing to the timely and cost efficient completion of every research project and/or initiative;
Performing as the project lead or developing to become a senior analyst for multiple large-scale research projects which include methods such as: survey design, origin and destination, needs assessments, labour market studies and program evaluations;
Creating team work plans and leveraging your expertise in several projects simultaneously;
Developing client relations, project scoping (evaluation frameworks and project work plans), while completing significant portions of the research, providing guidance to project team members,
Ensuring quality assurance standards, compliance, control, data analysis and report writing;
Adhering to Malatest policies, procedures, privacy and confidentiality requirements;



This position reports directly to the Research Manager(s) of R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd.

Graduate or undergraduate degree in the social sciences, computer sciences, database administration, computer technology, mathematics, or related discipline;
5 years of applied/ relevant work experience related to social research, market research, data analysis, information management, business administration, and/or program evaluation;
Strong aptitude and experience with data warehousing and data mining, data systems and/or programming languages and tools (e.g., Java script, HTML, SQL, API, MS Access, MS Excel, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing Systems (CATI) online web based survey administration programs and experience or advanced skills in SPSS);
Strong client focus, excellent communications and high level integrity to handle confidential and/or private information accurately and securely;
Firm grasp and demonstrated proficiency in research methodology and statistical analysis (primarily quantitative) with an understanding of mixed method approaches;
Must enjoy the challenge and opportunity of working in a complex and fast paced environment with effective time and project management experience, is essential;
Competency in dealing with ambiguity, business acumen, organizational awareness, strategic agility and critical thinking are also required to adjust effectively to changing task priorities;

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Working Conditions:

Working within a time sensitive, professional office work environment;
Excellent communications skills (written, verbal, in person, phone, e-mail);
Strong multi-tasking, organizational, time and project management skills;
Proficiency in MS Office environment (e.g., MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint);
Working knowledge of SPSS;
Effective report writing, grammar, punctuation, proofreading and attention to detail;
Must work well with limited supervision, and as part of a collaborative research team;
Knowledge of, and experience in, statistical analysis and data management techniques;
Experience in GIS and/or Transportation research preferred;
Working extra hours in order to meet project demands, as necessary;