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The best way to measure your most critical workflows in Slack

Our Mission

Polly is on a mission to make it easy for teams to measure their work.

Our team values having a diverse, collaborative, empathetic, and welcoming culture that drives us to solve complex problems and build a product we can all be proud of. Share our same values and want to be a part of an exciting team? We're hiring! Take a look at our open positions.

Values we live by

Intense mutual respect
True success and collaboration begin with respect for one another. And regardless of role, seniority, or tenure, we put deep trust in our peers and empower each other to make decisions.

Roll-up-your-sleeves attitude
As a small startup, we've got true grit and know what it takes to get the job done. No task is beneath us, and we're all willing to take initiative and jump in when help is needed.

Demonstrate genuine empathy
We're committed to creating an open and empathetic environment where we show up for each other, and take the time to listen and understand different perspectives and opinions.

Make your time count
Every day that we show up to work, each hour that we put in at work is impactful. We want to make sure your time at Polly is a meaningful and valuable part of your life for the years you spend here.

Take pride in your work
We want to build something that we truly believe in and care a lot about. We want to foster a culture of accountability and being proud of the work that we do, individually and collectively.

Be curious
We're hungry to always improve ourselves and passionate about solving new challenges. We believe in constantly learning and what we learn stays with us forever.