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Plastic Bank

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The Plastic Bank is a global social profit enterprise based in Vancouver that exists to stop Ocean Plastic. We are in the business of gathering people together to reveal the value of plastic waste, while improving lives and cleaning up our Earth. To achieve our goal, the Plastic Bank empowers the world’s most impoverished communities to earn a stable income in exchange for removing plastic pollution from their environment. The collected plastic is processed into raw material called Social Plastic®, which is offered to plastic manufacturers as an environmentally and socially responsible alternative to virgin plastic. The Social Plastic® Ecosystem prevents millions of tonnes of plastic from entering our oceans, simultaneously alleviating extreme poverty and helping brands connect with the next generation of conscious consumers. This is not just a business endeavour. This is a human endeavour. We live by our core values: Gather together. Reveal Value. Love people through continuous improvement .

The Plastic Bank currently operates in Haiti, Brazil, and the Philippines, with plans to expand to Indonesia, South Africa, India, and more. Each region presents its own unique opportunities and challenges, making strategic partnerships key to our success. Current partners include: Henkel, IBM, Royal Dutch Shell, World Vision, Marks & Spencer, Earth Group.