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NHP Consulting Inc.

About NHP Consulting Inc.
NHP Consulting Inc. (NHPC) is a natural health product research and regulatory affairs consulting firm. It’s a mouthful. We are a small firm with minimal office staff, operating on sustainable business principles. To wit, most of our employees are contractors working from home or abroad (across Canada), through web-based technologies – minimizing wasted resources and our ecological imprint.

NHPC provides high-end consulting services to natural health products manufacturers across the globe. We have clients everywhere from New Zealand to France, and are exposed to a multitude of new exciting trends in this industry. The natural health products industry is comprised of dietary supplement manufacturers, distributors (suppliers) and importers, as well as retailers and consumers. We deal with the manufacturers, importers and distributors side. You might say we are the most interesting segment of the industry. Here’s what we do.

We have piles and piles of resources and information at our disposal, to help these companies sell their products in Canada. Since 2004, the federal government in Canada now requires that all of these products obtain a product licence before they can sell it. That’s about 70,000 different products on the market, from about 10,000 different companies. It’s about $3 billion dollars in sales in Canada alone. There are many different kinds of companies – everyone from Jamieson, a pharmaceutical-like mass-production, multi-national company – to the small “Ma & Pa” outfits bottling oregano oil in their basement. Our clients are a very healthy cross-section of these companies. What we do is essentially this – we conduct literature reviews on the ingredients of their products proving their safety and effectiveness, complete the paperwork for the client, and send everything to the federal government. The client’s ability to do business in Canada hinges closely on our submission successes.

We often do work for very large firms, such as New Chapter, Flora Manufacturing, Sequel Naturals, Natures Plus, Nutrition House and Prairie Naturals. Most of our work is for medium-sized and small firms, though.

The crux of what we do is provide information-based “products”. We primarily do not give simply advice; that comes attached to our “products” – and our products are our licence applications. Further, that information is based on research from reputable sources, especially that published in the academic domain. Our literature reviews are sought after by companies all over the world trying to market their products in Canada.

We are located in the heart of Fernwood in Victoria BC. The photo at left is across the street from our office (though people are not always dancing).

The kind of work we do demands high professionalism and a creative skill in learning new ideas. The work we offer cannot be found anywhere else in the world – combining natural health knowledge, regulatory know-how, and business practice.
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