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Mystical Distributing Company ltd.

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Mystical is your one stop shop for fireworks in Canada! From Roman candles to Multi-Shot Cakes you will find it all under one name, Mystical. Each year we bring the biggest and best variety of fireworks to the Canadian market along with other products such as Mystical Fire and Flying Chinese Lanterns.
In past years Mystical has introduced products such as Cake Fountains, Musical Cake Fountains, Electronic Firework Ignition Systems (Launch Kontrol) and numerous firework compositions which are still unmatched today. We listen to our customers and bring their ideas to market whenever possible which keeps us informed of important changes occuring in the fireworks market.

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Check in with Mystical Distributing through this website or via Facebook and YouTube to stay informed with changing safety regulations, new product development and firework education.

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