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Milo Enterprises Inc.

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We make products designed for you.

Milo Enterprises Inc. was founded in 2006. We started out as a small family business, but have since expanded operations further into countries including the UK, Japan, Germany, Mexico, France, and Spain, while streamlining our sales, marketing, logistics, and R&D processes.

We emphasize our Canadian roots, creative designs, and streamlined processes, and hope to become a worldwide leading brand of consumer products. With our passionate team, Milo is committed to achieving our mission to be the fastest at introducing new products to market, while continuing to pursue quality, innovation, and pricing and service excellence.

With our own R&D department, we can make products that are designed in-house and with our customers in mind.

We possess our own manufacturing facility in China, so our customers have the guarantee of best quality and price.

We are experts in logistics and e-commerce to ensure customers can easily order our products and receive them as soon as possible.

Our dedicated and trained customer support team will guide our customers through any issues, from malfunctions to returns.